Appeal Court Orders for Speedy Trial of Soludo vs Umeoji Case


APGA and OYE wins again as the Court of Appeal Kano Division today, 30/7/2021 grants them Leave to Appeal against the bizarre and infamous Jigawa Judgment of 30/6/2021.

Today, the Special Panel of the Court of Appeal Kano began by first dismissing the Preliminary Objection of Garba Aliyu, argued by D.D. Dodo SAN.

The Court held that the Preliminary Objection is misconceived and therefore dismissed it.

Having dismissed the Objection, the Court of Appeal went ahead to consider the merit of the Application for Leave to Appeal, filed by APGA and its APGA National Chairman, Ọzọnkpu Dr. Victor Ike Oye.

In a well considered Ruling, the Court of Appeal Kano granted APGA and our National Chairman, Ọzọnkpu Dr. Victor Ike Oye, the requisite Leave to Appeal against the Jigawa judgment.

The Court of Appeal Kano made the following specific Orders.

1. Leave to Appeal is granted APGA and OYE to appeal against the Jigawa judgment.

2. Accelerated Hearing of the Appeal is granted.

3. The Appellants have 24 hours to file and serve their Appellants Brief of Argument.

4. The Respondents have 3 days only to respond to the Appellants Briefs.

5. Weekends are included in the computation of the above days as stipulated.


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