Friday, October 30, 2020
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Buhari Must Go: As Biafra Government Activates Revolution Code.

As Biafra agitation gets stronger, and the need to end Buhari tyranny becomes inevitable through political. The debate among many Biafra agitators remain, should Biafrans boycott election or activate political revolution in Biafra land? Join the...

BVI Channel 1 Took Great Risk To Cover & Report Biafra Sit @ Home...

When all Nigerian T.V media outfit were paid not air or report Biafra sit @ home last weekend, there is only but one T.V Channel that refused to be bought. They broke the rules...

Charly Boy Group Issues Press Statement Over Controversial PACT Outcome.

6 September 2018 PRESS BRIEFING ON PACT The OurMumuDonDo Movement has always believed in the power of building coalitions by bringing different people, groups, and institutions of different backgrounds together to fight for a common...

Breaking News: National Assembly Read Riot Act For Buhari Impeachment

The president of Nigeria receives 10 do or get impeached marching order from the National Assembly. After, a joint deliberation of the Federal House of Representatives and Senate, the house came up with the 10...

We Work As Slaves In Nigeria – Workers Lament.

When the dogs of Nigerian politicians live a better life than an average Nigerian worker.... then you need to see this. The lamentation of an average worker in Nigeria can be compared to those in...

Viral Video: Owerri Slay Queen Ran Mad Shortly After Yahoo Boy’s Dropped Her Off.

An unidentified young lady has just gone mad shortly after she was dropped by unknown young men. The report we got from eye witness revealed that, Internet Fraudsters popularly known as Yahoo Boy's used her...

Soon IPOB Case Against Nigeria Will Expose Buhari’s Government: Lawyer Speaks.

This video is one of those you will love to watch. As Nigeria security operatives and other government agencies are hell bent on destroying Indigenous People of Biafra, especially, Igbo people of South Eastern Nigeria,...

My People Want Freedom & Not Restructuring – Bishop Onubogu Explodes

Real Igbo Elders and leaders have spoken and you can only find such men in ADF. In case you don't know him, he was the ADC to Biafran Leader Odumegwu Ojukwu during the Biafra war,...

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Sacks Secretary Of State, Rex Tillerson After Meeting Buhari

United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday sacked U.S. Secretary of State, Mr Rex Tillerson. The President made this announcement in a tweet on his official Twitter handle @realdonaldtrump He also immediately announced Director of CIA,...

BEWARE!!! Cattle Colony: A Ploy To Islamize Nigeria – Ikedife Warns Biafrans.

A call to defend your land and faith. From providing Cattle Colony for Islamic Herdsmen to Islamic Colonization.