Public Announcement
This is to remind all Biafrans that enough awareness on the need to restore our indigenous identity as a people still living in Nigeria has been raised and our voices have been heard loud and clear.
The public should note that the quest for self determination either within  or outside Nigeria cannot be monetized .However,instead of trying to induce us with oil resources to accept the fraudulent and skewed one Nigeria mantra,CG-IPOB is of the opinion that a round table discussion should commence immediately to bury decades of deceit and injustices upon fellow man.
Meanwhile,Biafrans whether in Nigeria or Diaspora can now register online via in Nigeria are expected to visit business centers to register with only N200 via ATM cards.The site is being managed by a UK Consultant with capacity to managing more than 70m individual(s) data.
We must be seen to be organized and governable under the directives of our Elders.This is the sure route to economic and political freedom devoid of bloodshed.
Thank you.
Ndubuisi is the Director of Information, CG-IPOB

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