PRESS RELEASE-14/09/2017

The attention of the Customary Government of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (CG-IPOB) has been drawn to the recent happenings in Abia state (Umuahia-Aba axis) and Obigbo area of Rivers state where  detachment of Nigerian Army engaged in Operation Python Dance had some skirmishes with some members of IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu. In the said incidents, unconfirmed reports had it that some aggrieved Biafrans were seen angrily searching for Northerners in the area. The Customary Government also was reliably informed that some men of Nigerian Army were also seen subjecting some Biafran youths to inhuman treatment and torture at the military road blocks in those areas.

The Customary Government hereby totally condemn such actions and call on the Nigerian authority to put to a halt such unwanton behavior.The Customary Government of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra had previously called for caution and demanded for the use of dialogue, negotiations, and peaceful resolution to the Biafran impasse. It is our belief that the only acceptable solution to Biafran imbroglios is the one that guarantees peaceful co-existence of the two nations, Nigeria and Biafra. And the only way such can be attained is by applying peaceful solution to the crisis. Now is the time for Nigerian Federal Government to sheath her sword and tow the path of peaceful resolution.

The Customary Government is still of the view that Biafrans residence in Nigeria and their properties/investments who desire to remain in Nigeria after the restoration of Biafra should be allowed to do so peacefully without molestation as is obtained in all international citizenship and vice versa. The opinion of the Customary Government is of two peaceful Nations that have mutual international relationship.

Therefore, the Customary Government is calling on all Biafrans within and outside Biafra land to be law abiding and obedient to the law of any nation of their abode.The Customary Government of Biafra hereby once again call on Nigerian Government to withdraw the influx of military apparatus from Biafra land and to immediately commence all necessary negotiations towards peaceful resolution of the Biafran problem.

Thank you and God bless.


Aniebue Anthony.
Administrator, CG-IPOB

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