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PRESS RELEASE-11/09/2017

CG-IPOB Voted Yes For Biafra Restoration

In an expanded National Executive meeting of CG-IPOB held in Awka yesterday ,the Officers of the Customary Government of IPOB under the Leadership of the Elders voted unanimously for Biafra restoration through the due process of both local and international laws.The Administrator of CG-IPOB- Engr Anthony Aniebue presided over the meeting that witnessed 100% votes in favour of an independent Biafra nation against restructuring as being promoted by the political elites.

Many Biafran war Veterans present in the yesterday meeting were angry with the Administrator for even putting restructuring as an option to be voted for as according to them, millions of innocent souls and their former colleagues died fighting for biafra as a separate Nation. It should be noted that Customary Government of IPOB is a De Facto Government created to organize and assemble Biafrans in a way as to meet the united nations requirement for a new nation in the waiting ,that is to show evidence that we are governable under a constituted authority.

CG-IPOB ,therefore adopts the position of the National Executive Officers to pursue Biafra restoration through an internationally recognized process .CG-IPOB frowned at the entry of armed military men codenamed – Python Dance II into the entire Biafraland. CG-IPOB sees road blocks mounted by these security Personnel everywhere in our land as most provocative and uncalled for as secret security services could have been used to gather security intelligence instead of this open intimidation. There is no doubt that South Eastern part of Nigeria has remained law abiding and peaceful even in the face of economic strangulation initiated by the APC led central Government.

CG-IPOB endorsed the decision of MOBIN(Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria ) to pull out of UPP while exploring other options to energize the political struggle.CG-IPOB advised Biafrans to remain calm and prayerful throughout these ember months as anything could happen.The Directors of Veteran Affairs and Information released mobile phone numbers to all the provincial Administrators for contacts in case of any emergence.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu
Director – Directorate of Information ,CG-IPOB

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