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Nnamdi Kanu Home Attack-CG-IPOB Reacts

The Customary Government of IPOB received news of invasion of Nigerian Army into Mazi Nnamdi Kanu compound with utmost concern.This is uncalled for and should be avoided  goingforward.The quest for self determination is an inalienable right for all the indigenous people everywhere in the world.Using Military Men to intimidate law abiding civilians will cause more crisis than peace that we all intend to achieve.

CG-IPOB may not agree with Mazi Kanu on some of his conviction(s) as per his civil disobedience approach to self determination,however,it is our opinion that he has not broken any law.Nobody is above the law and that is applicable to all of us in the Biafra struugle .Instead of using military men to harass law abiding citizens,it is  advisable to pursue the legal option.

While we advice all the Biafran Agitators to respect the laws of their host communities,Nigeria Government is expected to play the fatherly role.


Ndubuisi Anaenugwu

Drector-Directorate of Information

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